Sunday, May 22, 2011

PG/Post Diploma and Diploma Programmes, Duration: One year (a) Management and Commerce Programmes

 Annamalai University Distance Education PG/Post Diploma and Diploma Programmes

 PG/Post Diploma and Diploma Programmes, Duration: One year
(a) Management and Commerce Programmes
PG Diploma in, 1. Business Administration, 2. Personnel Management and Industrial Relations, 3. Marketing Management, 4. Financial Management, 5. Tourism Management, 6. Advertising, 7. Public Relations, 8. Software Marketing, 9. Foreign Trade, 10. Entrepreneurship,
Eligibility for Sl Nos 1 to 10: Any degree
11. Banking and Insurance, 12. Finance and Taxation, 13. Advertising and Salesmanship, 14. International Business, 15. Human Resource Management, 16. Retailing,
Eligibility for Sl. Nos. 11 to 16: Any Bachelor’s Degree
17. Co-operative Management*, Eligibility: Refer Prospectus
(b) Engineering and Technology Programmes
1. Civil and Structural Engineering
PG Diploma in, 18. Design and Construction of Concrete Structures, 19. Water Resources Development and Management, 20. Computer Aided Design of Concrete Structures, 21. Quantity Surveying and Valuation, 22. Environmental Management
Diploma in, 23. Concrete Technology and Design of Concrete Structures, 24. Construction Management, 25. Design of Foundation Systems, 26. Damage Assessment, Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures,
Eligibility for Sl Nos 18 to 26: Refer Prospectus
2. Mechanical Engineering
Post Diploma in, 27. Automobile Technology, 28. Power Plant Instrumentation and Control
Diploma in, 29. Mining Engineering, 30. Energy Engineering, 31. Automobile Maintenance, 32. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning,
Eligibility for Sl No 27 to 32: Refer Prospectus
3. Manufacturing Engineering
PG Diploma in, 33. Materials Management, 34. Applied Operations Research
Diploma in, 35. Production Management, 36. Maintenance Engineering and Management, 37. Quality Management, 38. Welding Engineering and Technology,
Eligibility for Sl No 33 to 38: Refer Prospectus
4. Electrical Engineering
PG Diploma in, 39. Electrical Safety and Safety Management, 40. Electrical Energy Management and Energy Audit,
Eligibility for Sl Nos 39 & 40: Refer Prospectus
5. Instrumentation Engineering
PG Diploma in, 41. VLSI Design
Diploma in, 42. Industrial Automation, 43. Drives and Control, 44. Embedded Systems and Applications,
Eligibility for Sl Nos 41 to 44: Refer Prospectus
6. Chemical Engineering
Diploma in, 45. Chemical Process Instrumentation and Control, 46. Industrial Safety, 47. Industrial Pollution and control, 48. Industrial Hygiene, 49. Petroleum Refining Engineering, 50. Industrial Biotechnology, 51. Food Preservation Technology, 52. Food and Nutrition, 53. Industrial Project Engineering, 54. Quality Control and Analysis of Industrial Chemicals,
Eligibility for Sl No 45 to 54: Refer Prospectus
(c) Agriculture Programmes
PG Diploma in, 55. Dairy Technology, 56. Agricultural Marketing Mgt., 57. Plant Protection, 58. Ornamental and Landscape Gardening,
Eligibility for Sl Nos. 55 to 58: Refer Prospectus
59. Systems Management in Natural Farming, 60. Intellectual Property Rights, Eligibility for Sl No 59 & 60: Any Degree
Diploma in, 61. Horticultural Nursery Mgt., 62. Biopesticides Technology and Biofertilizer Production, 63. Coastal Agriculture,
Eligibility for Sl No 61 to 63: A pass in H.Sc
64. Poultry Management, Eligibility: Refer Prospectus
65. Commercial Floriculture*, 66. Agri Business Management*, 67. Livestock Products Technology*, 68. Urban Pest Management, 69. Post Harvest Technology and Processing of Horticultural Produce, 70. Commercial Entomology,
Eligibility for Sl No 65 to 70: A pass in X standard
(d) Education Programmes
PG Diploma in, 71. Educational Administration and Supervision, 72. Instructional Technology, 73. Parental Education, 74. Adult and Continuing Education,
Eligibility for Sl No 71 to 74: Any Bachelor’s Degree
Diploma in, 75. Special Olympic, 76. Fitness Management,
Eligibility for Sl Nos 75 & 76: Refer Prospectus
(e) Marine Biology Programmes
PG Diploma in, 77. Marine Environmental Pollution and Management, 78. Aquaculture Management, 79. Marine Microbial Technology,
Eligibility for Sl Nos 77 to 79: Refer Prospectus
(f) Earth Science Programmes
PG Diploma in, 80. Natural Resources, 81. Petroleum Exploration,
Eligibility for Sl No 80 & 81: Any UG/PG in Science/Engg/Agri
82. Mineral Exploration and Mining, 83. Ground Water Exploration and Management,
Eligibility for Sl Nos 82 & 83: Refer Prospectus
(g) Pharmacy Programmes
PG Diploma in, 84. Promoting Rational Drug Use, 85. Pharmacy Practice and Drug Store Management,
Eligibility for Sl Nos. 84 & 85: Refer Prospectus
(h) Other Programmes
PG Diploma in, 86. Electronic and Instrumentation, 87. Guidance and Counseling, 88. Hospital Management, 89. Sociology of Health, 90. English Language Teaching, 91. Natural Language Processing, 92. Waste Management, 93. NGO Management, 94. Software Based Statistical Analysis, 95. Actuarial statistics, 96. Herbal Science, Eligibility for Sl Nos 86 to 96: Refer Prospectus
Diploma in, 97. Tamil Journalism (Tamil Medium), 98. English Journalism, 99. Folklore (Tamil Medium), 100. Mass Communication, 101. Accounting and Finance, 102. Human Rights*, 103. Social Welfare Administration*, 104. Police Administration*, 105. Public Administration*, 106. Saiva Siddhantha*, 107. Self Help Group Management*, 108. Population and Health Mgt., 109. Fresh Water Fish Culture*, Eligibility for Sl Nos 97 to 109: Refer Prospectus


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